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Our  teams are working with innovative portfolio companies helping them to recruit, develop,
design and express themselfs to achieve their goals naturally and efficiently.

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Company Overview 

How Incite Minds Works?

We are entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs.
We have been in your shoes and know exactly what it takes to build a successful web start-up.
Let’s do it again together !

Our Focus!

Our relentless focus is potentially great entrepreneurs and companies, which we identify before they grow big.

Looking For!

We are looking for long-term partnership with entrepreneurs and CEOs to create killer apps and innovative web projects.


We don’t have a separate seed program. Seed stage investing is all we do. We love to dig in and join boards for those first 48 months.


With our early stage investments, we look to partner with standout entrepreneurs building innovative businesses.


Incite Minds`s Growth is targeted at breakout enterprise and consumer Tech companies that we believe can continue to scale.


We work differently, we invest in original thinkers whilst making sure that our partners are our long term assets.

We believe that entrepreuners can change the world.

Enhance, market, and grow your business now!

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 In the portfolio section you can see start-ups funded and developed by Incite Minds. We are extremely proud of this section, as we have been involved in very unique and exceptional projects with talented and innovative entrepreneurs.

 – Vasilis Pasparas, Founder –  CEO at Incite Minds

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